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  To enjoy your silver jewelry longer - ours or purchased from elsewhere - we recommend you to adhere to certain rules. Silver is affected by sulfur (S) - and its compounds. Its color changes from black to dark yellow. Sulfur is in white, in some detergents, in cosmetics (perfumes, Body Spray, hair dye), in fuels and oils, fats.

Humidity of air, marine and mineral water, abrupt changes of temperature of the environment also have an impact on silver. Perceivable body may also contain darkening substances. In contiguity with silver, sulfur forms a thin layer of silver sulphate. Namely it changes color and to remove it a chemical reaction is needed.

  To clean it at home use the following recipe: place aluminum foil on the bottom of a container and place the silver item in there. In another court steamed up saleratus and pour on. Reaction between aluminum and saleratus will clean the silver sulphate. You musn't use this technology to clean silver jewellery which is pre-blacken.

  Do not use toothpaste. It contains crystals that may scratch the surface of the silver jewllery.

  If possible, remove your silver jewells when performing activities like fitness, sports, work in a contaminated environment or dirty activities such as cleaning, repairs and other works.

  Very often people complain of allergic reactions to silver and for this reason they don't wear silver ornaments. Actually, precious metals do not cause allergic reactions. That's why they are precious. But each piece of silver jewelry is made of a particular alloy. The 925 stamp , means that the alloy has 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent other metals. Usually these are cheaper non-ferrous metals: copper, zinc, nickel, aluminum and others. They are added to the alloy to give it certain properties - pliability, softness, hardness, etc. The presence of nickel, is the main cause of allergies. 30 percent of the global population's skin has a genetically set intolerance to this metal. The use of nickel in jewelry is banned in Europe long ago. Unfortunately it is not so in countries like USA, Mexico, Thailand, China, India, Turkey, Where most of the silver jewelry is manufactured.

  We strongly guarantee, that silver jewelry made by Tokash, does not cause allergies. We do not use nickel.